The COVID-19 Consultation Centre will open on Tuesday, 27 October ​

In the current context, with a significant resurgence of new COVID-19 infections and the arrival of classic seasonal epidemics (influenza, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, etc.), general medical practices, paediatric practices and COVID branches of the emergency services are beginning to be increasingly solicited.

In order to help them, a first COVID Consultation Centre (CCC) will open its doors on Tuesday, 27 October at 10 a.m. in the former BnL extension located in Kirchberg. The Testing Centre currently located there will then be closed from Monday evening at 5 p.m.

Consultation in a CCC is open to all persons, whether or not they have social security insurance. The consultation is free of charge. Patients will be asked to present identification upon arrival and holders of a social security card will be asked to present it at the same time.

The CCC welcomes only symptomatic people, i.e. those with signs of a COVID-19 infection and people already diagnosed with COVID-19.

Children under the age of 6 cannot be cared for in the CCC. They will have to be cared for by their paediatrician or general practitioner or in another hospital structure in case of emergency, in particular at the Kannerklinik of the CHL.

Note that

The CCC has basic medical equipment that enables it to provide outpatient care to people with suspected signs of COVID-19 infection as well as those diagnosed with COVID-19. Nasopharyngeal PCR-COVID swabs can be taken directly on site.

People who already have a medical prescription for a PCR-COVID test will have to go to a private laboratory to be tested.

Those who have been invited to take a PCR-COVID test as part of the Large Scale Testing will have to go to one of the testing centres dedicated specifically for this purpose, after making an appointment through or

Medical and administrative staff:

A doctor ensures the clinical examination of the patients during the whole opening time of the CCC. He or she is assisted by other health professionals.

A team is also involved in gathering administrative information and another team is in place to handle logistics.

If required, a second Counselling Centre may be opened in the South of the country.

  • Access and location:
    Consultation Centre COVID-19 Luxembourg-Centre:
    31, boulevard Konrad Adenauer
    L-1115 Luxembourg-Kirchberg
  •  Opening hours:
    7/7d - from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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