The Ministry

The Ministry's mission:

The Ministry of Health and Social Security prepares and implements government policy in the fields of public health and social security.

The Ministry's powers are defined in the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 27 November 2023 on the approval and publication of the Government's internal regulations and relate in particular to the following areas:

  • Defining and implementing the government's health and social security policy
  • Supervising the application of laws and regulations in the field of health and social security
  • Supervision of health and social security institutions and services.

The organisation of the health system, based on the fundamental values of universal access to healthcare, quality of service, equity in supply, and intergenerational solidarity, must ensure a modern, efficient and financially sustainable healthcare system, capable of adapting to the needs and demands of the population, while guaranteeing equal access to quality healthcare services for all.

Our social security system, based on national solidarity, is the social protection network that protects individuals against most of life's risks. Its aim is to provide citizens with social protection against the risks and needs that arise throughout their lives, particularly in the areas of sickness, old age, dependency, disability and accidents at work. The Ministry's mission is to ensure continuous social protection based on sustainable financing.

Other administrations, public institutions and public hospitals under the Ministry's responsibility:


Public institutions

Public hospitals

The national health information and referral service is also part of the Ministry of Health and Social Security.

In addition, the Ministry has several relationships with contracted and non-contracted services in the fields of prevention and assistance, outpatient psychiatry, addiction and chronic diseases.

In the field of social security, the Ministry is also responsible for the supervision of mutual insurance companies.

Finally, the Social Security Arbitration Council (Conseil arbitral de la sécurité sociale) and the High Council of Social Security (Conseil supérieur de la sécurité sociale) form the two jurisdictions in the field of Social Security.

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