New, unique and neutral health record book

From 1 February 2023, the health record book will have a new look. Developed by the National Health Directorate, the new health booklet is part of a policy to promote greater neutrality and equality between girls and boys. This is achieved through more neutral colours and the collection of medical information for both girls and boys, necessary for monitoring the health of the child.

Reminder of the importance of the health record

With the publication of a new, unique, neutral health record book, it is important to remember why this document is essential for monitoring children's health.

This document brings together all the elements that affect a child's health from birth, such as growth curves and weight trends, medical appointments in the first few years of life, and the vaccination schedule.

It remains an essential support in the regular dialogue between families and health professionals involved in the prevention and care of the child.

Thus, when a child is seen by a doctor or any other health professional, the legal representatives must carry the health record with them. This will enable all information relating to the child's health to be provided directly to health professionals.

More information about children's health can be found in the "early childhood" section:

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